2023        Alex Nowitz: Ich bin das Volk [I am the people] for large orchestral (5:58) in Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg: Brandenburg – NEUE MUSIK orchestral (CD)
Coproduction by DFOB and the Brandenburgischer Verein für neue Musik (BVNM, Potsdam DE), compositions for orchestra by composers from Brandenburg and Berlin (Ich bin das Volk: Titelnummer 3 auf CD 2).
2015        Wittgenstein’s Nephews: Bitter Sweet Island (CD)
ASC Records (Macclesfield, UK), duet compositions realised as vocal performance artist together with pianist Vladimir Miller.
2011        Alex Nowitz: 'Studies for Self-Portrait’ in Department of Public Sound #2 (LP) 
De Player (Rotterdam, NL) — solo composition realised as vocal performance artist with live-electronics (stimmflieger).
2010        Alex Nowitz: Homo Ludens (CD)
Nowitz-Records (Potsdam, DE) — electroacoustic works and documentation of live performance realised as  vocal performance artist with live electronics (stimmflieger).
2005        Nowitz-Miller-Trio: Wittgenstein’s Nephews (CD)
Long Arms Records (Moscow, Russia), trio compositions realised as vocal performance artist together with Vladimir Miller (piano) and Oleg Yudanov (percussion).
2004        George Crumb: Makrokosmos Books 1 and 2 (CD & DVD)
Mode Records (New York, US) — participation as whistler in solo piano compositions realised by Margaret Leng-Tan.       
1999        Joachim Gies: Different Distances (CD)
Leo Records (London, UK) — participation as vocal performance artist with electronics in duet compositions together with saxophone player Joachim Gies.
1997        Not Missing Drums Project: The Gay Avantgarde (CD)
Leo Records (London, UK) — participation as vocal performance artist in compositions with different lineups together with project leaders Joachim Gies and Thomas Böhm-Christl, et al.
1996        No Doctor: No Doctor (Mini CD)
Algen Records (Berlin) — trio compositions realised as vocal performance artist and keyboard player together with Hanno Leichtmann and Nikolas Bussmann.
1996        Peril: Astro (CD)
Red Note (NL) — participation as bass player and vocal performance artist together with guitar player Kai Wolff in trio compositions of a project by percussionist Tony Buck.
1991        Vol-Vox: Erste Leiche (LP)
Brainwave Records (Landshut, DE) — compositions with different lineups realised as vocal performance artist, bass and keyboard player together with percussionist Thomas Geltinger, et al.
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