2021        ‘Assemblages of Multivocal and Schizophonic Practices: Unleashing the machined voice’
in Machinic Assemblages of Desire. Deleuze and Artistic Research 3 (Orpheus Institute Series), edited by Paulo de Assis and Paolo Giudici (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2021).

2020        ‘über die kulturlose zeit’ [On times without culture]
Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf, Showcase project posted on 27 May 2020,


2019        ‘Monsters I Love: On multivocal arts’
PhD thesis, Stockholm University of the Arts, 3 (2019),


2019        ‘Zur vielstimmigen Stimme’ [On the multivocal voice]
in Musik & Ästhetik, 23, 1/2019, ed. by Tobias Janz, Richard Klein, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf and Johannes Menke (Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 2019), 91-95.

2018        ‘Manifesto for the Multivocal Voice: Principles for a performance voice in the vocal arts (abridged version)’
in Artistic Research Will Eat Itself. Proceedings of the 9th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research (PDF, pp. 380-94), ed. by Geoff Cox, Anya Lewin, et al.,

2016        ‘Designing and Playing the Strophonion: Extending vocal art performance using a custom digital musical instrument’
in eContact! 18.3—Sonic DIY: Repurposing the Creative Self (December 2016),

2014        'Über das Erweitern und Extrahieren der Stimme. Ein Versuch zur Ergründung des Wesens der Kunststimme im Kontext zeitgenössischer Vokalperformance' [On extending and extracting the voice: An essay to explore the essence of the voice in the context of contemporary vocal performance art]
in Signalraum für Klang und Kunst, ed. by Horst Konietzny, 20 February 2014,

2012        The Strophonion—Instrument Development (2010–2011)
STEIM Project Blog, posted by Alex Nowitz, 2 January 2012,

2008        STEIM projects 2007-2008, STEIM project blog, posted by Alex Nowitz, 3 December 2008,
2008        ‘Voice and Live-Electronics using Remotes as Gestural Controllers’
in eContact! 10.4 —Temps réel, improvisation et interactivité en électroacoustique / Live Electronics, Improvisation and Interactivity in Electroacoustics (October 2008),
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