2006        Die Bestmannoper [The opera on the best man]
in 13 scenes for 14 singers, male and female choir, orchestra and theremin (≈ 135 mins); premiere 8 April 2006, Theatre Osnabrueck; librettist: Ralph Hammerthaler, conductor: Hermann Bäumer, director: Immo Karaman.

The opera unveils the life of Nazi criminal and mass murderer Alois Brunner and the breathless chase by French lawyer Serge Klarsfeld, addressing the question why the former was never brought to court.
Trailer of premiere production: https://vimeo.com/98128085.
2013        Traumnovelle [Dream novella]
opera in 16 scenes for 7 singers, 14 musicians and fixed sounds (6 channels) adapted from the novella with the same title by Arthur Schnitzler (≈ 90 mins); premiere 3 February 2013, State Theatre Brunswick, Germany; libretto: Maxi Obexer, conductor: Sebastian Beckedorf, director: David Herrmann
Trailer of premiere production: https://vimeo.com/65957343.

(including custom gesture-controlled live electronics)
2018        Moving Tongues: Playing Space                                                         
multimedial music theatre for one vocal performance artist, live electronics (strophonion) and video (≈ 95 mins); premiere 13 December 2018, Reaktorhallen Stockholm; interpreter: A.N.
Unabridged video documentation of the premiere production:


2009        Studies for a Self-Portrait
theatrical concert performance for a male singer, live electronics (stimmflieger), piano, toy piano and turntables (≈ 60 mins); premiere 21 November 2009, Schaubuehne am Lehniner Platz (Studio), Berlin; interpreter A.N.

Trailer of premiere production: https://vimeo.com/10254612.
more on gesture-controlled live electronics...

2016        Kaspar   
a musical scene for cor anglais, piano and violoncello (10:44); premiere: 23 April 2016, new music festival ’intersonanzen’ fabrik Potsdam; interpreters: Simon Strasser, Ernst Surberg und Mathis Mayr (Ensemble Mosaik Berlin).
Unabridged video documentation of the premiere performance:

2012        A Few Euphemisms
music for voice, live electronics (strophonion), sound objects, flute, violin, violoncello, piano and conductor (≈ 14 mins.); premiere 1 June 2012, ‘intersonanzen’ Großer Friedenssaal Potsdam; interpreters Curious Chamber Players Stockholm and A.N.
Unabridged video documentation
of the premiere performance
2005        Venusfalle [Venus fly trap]
music for flute solo and piano resonance (12:30); premiere 12 November 2005, ‘intersonanzen’ Altes Rathaus Potsdam; interpreter: Sabine Vogel.
2000        Unruhe ist in den Gräsern [Unrest is in the grasses]
string quartet (≈ 25 mins.), referring to the same-titled poem by Thomas Bernhard; premiere 2 December 2020,  ‘intersonanzen’ Altes Rathaus Potsdam; interpreters: Persius Ensemble Potsdam.

2013        Labyrinth
for eight loudspeakers and no light (14:22); composed and produced at the EMS Stockholm in 2010/2013 (on the basis of Minotaurus for voice and live electronics [stimmflieger, 2009] receiving the first prize of the European Conference of Promoters for New Music [ECPNM]); premiere 14 September 2013; 'intersonanzen' fabrik Potsdam. Swedish premiere 30 October 2015, Audiorama Stockholm as part of the solo performance Tongues and Ghosts.
Full-length stereo version:

2008        Die Stadt und Der Schnitt [The city and the cut]
theatre music, sound installation, music and voice performance with gesture-controlled live electronics (stimmflieger) and fixed sounds for ten channels; premiere 21 March 2008, Schaubuehne at the Lehniner Platz/Berlin; text Martin Crimp (The City) und Mark Ravenhill (The Cut); director: Thomas Ostermeier.
Excerpt from the opening performance with text fragments of sonnet 66 by W. Shakespeare: Musik für einen Sänger mit Live-Elektronik und Zuspiel für zwölf [Music for a singer with live electronics and fixed sounds for 12 loudpseakers]:

2004        Screaming Popes
for four male voices, percussion, piano and fixed sounds (≈ 80 mins.); premiere 3 September 2004, fabrik Potsdam; interpreter A.N. and the dancers Michael Sean Marye, Sven Till and Danny Wild, choreographer Toronto-based Marie-Josée Chartier.
Excerpt from the composition for the playback, A Solo for Amplified Bass Clarinet and Fixed Sounds interpreted by
Robert W. Stevenson (Array Music, Toronto):

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